Access Kelkoo’s entire offer database

API and off-the-shelf tools, giving you access to millions of offers from the biggest retailers across multiple countries. Promote across multiple verticals including fashion, electronics, flights, household appliances and many more...

Earn on every click

We pay our partners on a revenue share basis, retailers pay us for each click and we'll give you a percentage of that. When Kelkoo do well you'll do well too, because we're fair like that.

Review performance

We know you like data so once you've started promoting you'll be able to check your earnings on a daily basis and make all those all important marketing decisions quickly and easily.

You earn while your users shop

We won't get in the way of you and your users. From your site/app straight through to some of the biggest online retailers around, we just calculate your earnings and pay you.

Power your search

Monetize your site's search results with Kelkoo's very own search technology. We provide the results, the filters and the product details, so whether you're building a comparison site from scratch or backfilling an existing platform we've got what you need.

Power your content

Got a blog or a review site? Earn quickly with our off-the-shelf ad solutions. We feature a large set of customisable templates which allow you earn on anything from home appliances to hotels. Our partners tell us they get some of the highest CTRs in the industry with these solutions. But you don't have to take our word for it, try it for yourself.

Power your apps

Are you an app developer? Power your app with Kelkoo product data, earn on every click and you'll be able to give your app away for free allowing you to gain maximum exposure.

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Just 3 steps before you can start earning. We'll report your daily earnings so you can optimize and earn even more.

Pricegong – delivering price comparison across the web

"When we decided to expand PriceGong globally we looked for a partner that would give us the content and technology we needed. We found Kelkoo to be a perfect match, Kelkoo is the largest shopping comparison service in terms of global footprint and this fact helped us grow into other markets without most of the barriers that you would usually expect to face when moving into multiple markets simultaneously."

Bar Elimelech, CEO and Co-Founder @ PriceGong

PriceGong is a Price Comparison browser add-on that was designed from the ground up to give users a better shopping experience across the web.